Parsers VC provides the latest data on venture funds, startups and deals.

We help VC data providers deliver better insights to their clients.

Our artificial intelligence algorithm works 24/7 to find the latest information in the venture capital market.

Every day, we analyze over 1,000,000 websites of venture funds, startups, media websites, blogs and social media pages.

Unlike other companies, we directly collect information about all changes on the websites of VCs and startups.

Where do we get the data from?

VC funds

Our AI algorithm visits VC websites every day and collects structured information on startup changes in portfolio, team and news. We add and update information about the venture fund from pages in social media and other websites.


As soon as a venture fund adds a new startup to its portfolio, the algorithm goes to the startup’s website and analyzes the business area, identifies contact and other information.


We analyze the websites of venture funds and collect structured information about all team members. We see each team member and collect information about them.


We collect and analyze news from venture capital websites as well as from all the most popular media websites. In our analysis, we use NLP to identify funding rounds and other information.

Funding rounds

We find and define funding rounds based on news sites and blogs from thousands of websites. We already have over a million news items that we analyze, supplement and combine into rounds.

See examples of our data

Every day our algorithm is analyzed by the Internet in search of the latest information on the venture capital market. We DO NOT USE any databases, therefore our information is unique.

Each of our clients will receive the most relevant information and will be able to build an excellent service or supplement an existing system.

Our clients are already the world’s leading providers of venture capital data.

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