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Scrap from 1000 pages on the site. There are no limits per month, no limit on the number of days, no limit on the number of sites, no credit card needed.

No settings

You need to click on the data on just 1 page. The rest will make our service. Parsers using machine learning analyzes the site and finds data pages based on the entered template.

Extract any data

Scrap URLs, images, tables, single data, directories, JavaScripts. You can switch from selection mode and open values that are not visible on the page.

Browser extension for quick setup of scraping data
Select the necessary data for scraping on the site page in a few clicks
View charts with analyzed data
Download structured data in XLSX, XLS, XML, CSV or get the latest version by API
Schedule scraping start and get updated data every day automatically
View site scraping history and all versions by date
Media about us
Scraped sites
Scraped pages
Scraped data

Suitable for marketers, analysts, researchers, developers, managers and directors.

What users say

Chris Corallo

Chris Corallo

Very useful for me. Love it. GL :)

Steve Jonson

Steve Jonson

Parser best scraper, amazing product. I love it! Great data scrap

Tod Larryson

Tod Larryson

Best product! I tried a few others but this was by far the easiest to set up and use. The support is very fast. I had an issue and they took the time to help me out and show me what I was doing incorrectly. I recommend

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