Use the data node to get data entities for a funds group, data groups, specific fund etc.
Fund data are grouped by fund group and type of information.

Fund groups

Demo100 demo funds.
AllAll funds.
NewYorkNewYork funds.
SanFranciscoSanFrancisco funds.

Data types

TeamInformation about team.
PortfolioInformation about startups.
NewsFund’s news.

Use this API to retrieve a data entities for a specific funds group, data type.

Authorization: Bearer {your-auth-token} or query string parameter

Query string parameters

NameRequiredDefault Value/Description
fundGroupYesFund group name (eg. “demo”).
entityTypeNoType of information (eg. “portfolio”,”team”,”news”).

Success responce:

Status 200 OK

        "EntityId": "cc3a8caa-f783-4343-a516-2892d28061d0",
        "Value": [
                "Name": "Description - VC fund - Startup",
                "Values": [
                    "Internet service from another galaxy..."
                "Name": "Website - VC fund - Startup",
                "Values": [
                "Name": "Founder Name - VC fund - Startup",
                "Values": [
                    "Chet Kanojia"
        "Source": "",
        "PublishedDate": "2020-04-08T01:04:56.913"

The data response payload contains the array of data entities.
Data Entity Value may contain the following information:


PhotoPhoto of a venture fund team member
NameName of the venture fund team member
TitlePosition of a venture fund team member
DescriptionDescription of the biography of a venture fund team member
LinkedInLinkedIn profile of a venture fund team member
TwitterTwitter profile of a venture fund team member
FacebookFacebook profile of a venture fund team member
EmailEmail of a venture fund team member
LocationLocation of a venture fund team member
PhonePhone of a venture fund team member


NameName of a startup in a venture fund portfolio
LogoStartup logo
DescriptionStartup description
CategoryStartup category. For example: Health
LinkedInLink to startup page in LinkedIn
TwitterLink to startup page in Twitter
FacebookLink to startup page in Facebook
InstagramLink to startup page in Instagram
WebsiteLink to startup website
Business modelStartup business model. For example: B2C
Founder NameStartup Founder Name
LocationStartup Location


TitleVenture Fund News Title
DatePublication date news
DescriptionNews Description
CategoryNews category. For example: Press Release