Compare of VC fund aggregators Crunchbase, Pitchbook with Parsers VC

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Parsers VC collects information on investments in startups. Several times a day, we track the addition of startups to venture capital fund websites, changes in the fund’s team, as well as investor news. Our algorithm collects information about foundations, startups, founders, tracks pages on social media. Every day we monitor more than 800,000 websites and pages on social media.

Unlike the existing mechanisms for collecting information of new deals, we use not only manual collection of information, tracking news in the media, but also directly setup trackers on the websites of venture funds. This gives us the opportunity to collect information about deals faster, more reliable information and to a greater extent. Using our unique algorithm, we track 15% more deals on venture funds than Crunchbase and 30% more than Pitchbook.

At the moment, we are tracking more than 11,000 VC funds.

You can get full access to the database of funds, team members, news, general and contact information, as well as startups, founders and other information.

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