Web Scraping. Market Overview

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Web Scraping also known as Web Data Extraction, Web Scraper, Parser or Data Scraper, is a technology and techniques used by start-ups, small and big companies, which make fast extraction of data and information from the World Wide Web and processing, possible. Where information is a key to success, there is no room for lack of it. And companies do strive to be just that, successful. In brief, the way data scraper operate is that they establish communication with the target Web site through the HTTP. Once the HTML document is retrieved, the web data scraper may begin extraction of the contents of interest. The main goal is to convert the extracted contents into a structured representation that is eligible for additional storage and analysis. Here are some of the main reasons why companies decide on using web scrapers:

1. Building a specific vertical search engine Consumers that look for a particular piece of data and information on a more specific segment of the online content.

2. Products & price for comparison Scraping the opposing company’s dynamic product prices and adjust the company’s accordingly. In ecommerce, Retailers or marketplaces use web scraping not only to monitor their competitor prices but also to improve their product attributes.

3. Talent sourcing (recruitment) The web scraper look for the passive job seekers, the ones that don’t apply through the corporate website or post on official job boards.

4. Monitoring of a brand by means of a web scraper. Improved management, promotion, and transformation of the brand into a concrete entity with respect and appeal on the market.

5. Ad verification (marketing) Checking for the banner of the Ad to be positioned in the right place in order to engage the right audience.

6. Real estate listings gathering Web scraping allows for gathering already listed properties.

7. Research purposes Companies can either accumulate large amounts of uncategorized data with a webscraper and later make sense of it, or perform a particular search for specific information on a specific website.

8. Collecting data from many social media websites Companies can see what are the trending pictures, videos, photographs, songs etc.

9. Scraping to create new websites Taking similar data from other websites and posting it all onto one.

10. Lead Generation The purpose for this is generally to find person of Interest’s (POI) contact information, e-mails etc.

11. Online financial currency exchanges Web data scraper gather currency exchange rates from other websites and compile them into one website that offers a wide range of accurate currency exchange rates.

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